A Cure for Killware: Healthcare's newest cybersecurity challenge

48% of hospital executives reported a forced or proactive shutdown in the last six months due to a cyber attack.

As publicity around the concept of killware continues to build, security teams and leaders in particularly vulnerable industries such as healthcare grapple with understanding the scope of this threat. In the face of such uncertainty, it’s helpful to take a step back and determine the true nature of killware, separating out the hype to determine what exactly it is that we’re facing.

In this webinar, you will learn about killware and how to prevent it, other current cybersecurity threats in the healthcare industry, how to handle ongoing threats and the challenges they present, and how managed detection and response (MDR) services can help.


Matthew Herring, Director Cyber Threat & Detection Engineering

Russell Harnish, Senior Security Consultant

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January 26th
11 AM PST / 2 PM EST